Grand Canyon, Arizona
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Fractals were abounding on Laika’s home planet, and here in the valley she began to recognize similar formations. The sweeping landscape mimicked on a vast scale the teeny tiny crevices and pebbles just at her feet. She hovered, noting the mysteries of scale.

Passing over low lying desert tundra, cacti, a loan coyote jogging between two plateaus and the puzzle of sun rays illuminating patches here and there as the clouds transformed overhead, Laika realized that while she was filled with life, who would know it? How would she share the experiences bursting in through her heart?

Tumble weeds blew past a collection of timber and sticks accumulating around some woodland that provided shelter from the wind. Remembering the lessons of the students, Laika arranged these materials into the word they had given her: LAIKA. Now, anyone who traveled this path after her would know that they had experienced this great expanse together with Laika, though separated by time.

Unexpectedly, a wealth of energy flooded through Laika’s being and she gradually rose upwards. It was stronger than her wildest dreams of endless flight. As steadily as these mountains held, Laika flew, energized with her own creativity to reach the final frontier.