About Robot Heart Stories

42 Students
Montreal and LA
2 Teachers
10 Stories
1 Rocket into space

Working together each day to get a robot back to her home. Students will research, explore and discover as the robot makes her way across North America.

Robot Hearts Stories is an experiential learning project that uses collaboration and creative problem solving to put education directly in the hands of students. This fall, two classrooms, a continent apart, will work together to get a lost robot home, and they will need your help…

The experience begins when a robot crash lands in Montreal and must make her way to LA in order to find her space craft and return home. Two class rooms in underprivileged neighborhoods, one in Montreal (French speaking) and the other in LA (English speaking), will use math, science, history, geography and creative writing to help the robot make her way across North America.

At the same time, Robot Hearts Stories extends beyond the classroom, as the project welcomes involvement from a global audience. We need participants of all ages to share their own passions in the form of a creative act involving a robot they can print, customize and document. For each photo or piece of art featuring the robot that is submitted, the "signal strength" of the robot grows stronger and helps her to get back home.

Robot Heart Stories is the first in a trilogy of experiential learning projects from award winning storytelling pioneer Lance Weiler and creative producer Janine Saunders.

It is our feeling that together we can empower endless creativity and, with the help of a robot, we can reboot education.

Come join the fun!

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Who is behind Robot Heart Stories?

Award winning storytelling visionary and experience designer Lance Weiler and creative producer Janine Saunders are the core of this project, but many people from around the world also made Robot Heart Stories possible, including our parterres Story Pirates, Fondation du Dr. Julien, Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Northern Army, Vectorface, DIY DAYS, Design Related, UCLA, and Open Access Week.

How do I follow the progress?

You can follow Robot Heart Stories in a variety of ways. By visiting the robotheartstories.com website on a daily basis, you will be able to see new places robot has visited, read new stories from the children, and see submissions of heartpacks from worldwide collaborators. You can also visit an archive of the project and exploration of other amazing educational initiatives at rebootstories.tumblr.com.

What are heartpacks?

Heartpacks are an image of the robot that you print, customize and upload to our gallery. What powers the Robot is YOUR passion and creativity. Users create a "heartpack" and share something they <3 on the printout. Your work will then become part of a "heartpack" gallery from participants around the world. The more heartpacks that are submitted, the greater the robot's strength becomes to make her way home.

What is the rocket all about?

We've been talking with NASA about launching the Robot, stories and artwork into space. The plan is to hitch a ride into space early next year on a scheduled launch to the International Space Station.

Will the students be able to participate in the launch?

Well, there will actually be two launches -- one that makes use of a high altitude weather balloon that will reach 90,000+ feet above the earth (which is not actually space, but is still very cool). This launch will be designed and controlled by the students themselves, as we want to incorporate a hands on science opportunity into the experience. It also enables us to capture the robot's journey on camera, which we will have to work together to find after the weather balloon pops and the elements fall back to earth. Later, we'll all be able to follow the robot during the second space launch.

How does the robot travel?

The robot will be escorted across Canada and the United States by our talented photography team. They will be on the road for a full 16 days snapping photos of the robot's journey.

How is the curriculum being built and how can it be used in the future?

Robot Heart Stories takes place during Open Access Week, a global event now in its 5th year, promoting Open Access as a new norm in scholarship and research. Robot Heart Stories is also partnering with Story Pirates who are professionals in experimental development for teachers and schools. Story Pirates are designing the classroom experience and curriculum for the children and the teachers. It is our goal to thoroughly document the creation of this project and build a foundation that is scaleable for future launches world-wide.

What is the book?

At the end of the project we will collect some of the best assets the kids created, the user generated content, and all of the stories, which then will be packaged into a coffee table book. The book will be fun, inspiring, and educational and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Proceeds from the book will go to support an organization that helps to bring creativity into children's lives.


Creator: Lance Weiler
Creative Producer: Janine Saunders

Northern Army
Story Pirates
Festival du Nouveau Cinema
Fondation du Dr. Julien
P’tits Loups
Design Related

Lead Design and Art Direction:
Northern Army
Rene Antune
Ryan Anderson

Site Developer:
Matt McParland
Eric Coulombe

Photographers on the road aka Laika:
Mike Hedge
Tiffani Bearup

Curriculum Development:
Tory Pirates
Quinton Johnson
Lorie Marsh

LA / Story Pirates Producers:
Duke Doyle
Jamie Salka
Connor White

LA Teacher / School:
Dennis Hagen-Smith

Montreal Partners:
Festival Du Nouveau Cimena
Fondation du Dr. Julien
P’tits Loups

Montreal Coordinating Producer:
Jasmine Pisapia

Montreal Teacher / Artistic Trainer:
Daphnee Cyr

Production + Story Producer:
Lorie Marsh

Story Development + Writers:
Atley Loughridge
Elena Parker
Lance Weiler

Associate Producers
Elena Parker
Adipat Virdi
Mike Hedge
Marc Ruppel
Ele Jansen
Yo Park
Julie Stratton

Site for illustrators and Coordination:
Design Related
Matt Sung

RebootStories Blogger:
Jason Hood
Felicia Pride

Translation Producer:
Karine Halpern

Lea Pisapia
Karine Halpern
Fabienne Olivier

Social Media:
Jen Bengel

Teaser Video:
Jordan Gray

Project Documentation Team:
Ele Jansen
Cynthia Jabar
Maya Zuckerman
Adipat Virdi
Sai Pathmanathan

Special Thanks:
Laura Fleming
Mathias Erixon
Jenny Nasal
Lorraine Hopping Egan
Bethan Marlow
Evelyn Saunders
Bruno Patatas
Fernando Carrion
Celina Beach
Jasmine Lyman
Paul Burke
David Pope
Anthea Foyer
Meryl Alper