Answering the Standard MBA Question

As a student, be ready to face an MBA question in the application essays. The student must give clear reasons to the admission panel, explaining the significance of their enrollment in the Business Administration program. The reasons should revolve around accomplishing the career objectives of the student.

As a student, explain the points below when writing an MBA application essay:

  • The skills you don’t have that are crucial for enabling you to attain your career objectives and the significance of MBA/school towards achieving the skills.
  • The knowledge you don’t have is crucial towards achieving your goal and if MBA will help you get the required experience.
  • Any other academic skills you need to reach your goals and if MBA will help you get to the end.

Make your application stand out by explaining in detail what you require to reach your academic objectives. Do not make the reader end up guessing what you need to accomplish your goals. Let them know what skills and knowledge you lack from the word go.

An Example of a Good MBA Application Essay

I have a long-term objective of becoming the Vice President of the Information Security Group. I look forward to the mentioned position after getting the required experience and relevant tools to manage such a large-scale business by completing my MBA. I hope to begin as a product manager as I make my way up.

I envy the information security field because of its resilience. It is adaptable to technological changes, and it has a promise of continuous growth. Many entrepreneurs globally experience data security as their center of operation. As a result, a global-commercial network is possible. I love participating in the internet revolution and enable people who depend on the internet for their business goals to feel secured.

I look forward to enhancing technological advancement, improved motivation, and managerial skills to make all these possible.

My primary motivations in the business field are direct interaction with clients, providing satisfactory products and services, and strategic overview. Team management is a crucial requirement for my current position as a manager in the military and my desired position; the MBA as a product manager. As I use the experience I have gathered over the years to guide me, I plan to work more on other essential skills as I learn from the faculty and other students. I believe once I get such knowledge, I will reach my long-term desired goals without any obstacles.

I understand the fact that I will face other challenges in the future, such as interpersonal skills. I will have to conduct interviews, provide feedback whenever the need arises, reward employees, among other duties. Although I understand, I can read different materials to handle such matters; I require other excellent soft skills after undertaking classes like Leading Organization, Culture Change, or Organizational Culture. With such courses, I am sure to improve my overall experience and achieve my goals.

I will also interact with other departments like marketing and finance. I must understand all the operations of such departments to ease workflow.

One thing I know is that a good manager must have visions. The manager must foresee where the business will be after a couple of years and not just tomorrow. The position calls for a clear road-map that has several milestones on how to accomplish the business goals. Gaining knowledge from Global Strategy and Implementation will simplify my goals.

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