Guide on Selecting a Brilliant Essay Topic

A lot of people whine too much when they have research to do. It is because when you are selecting a topic on your own is very difficult. The researchers should know that selecting a topic is an essential thing when it comes to writing. And this is the process that students ignore. Because once you select a fake topic, you will not be able to use your skills to the fullest of you will not fully analyze your topic. In other words, and a very good topic will determine the quality of your research.

If you plan to find the research topics on your own, then read this article and get some tips that may help when selecting a topic.

  1. Reason for writing.

At least all pieces of writing should have a reason for writing. These reasons depend on the goals and the major subject. Before you can even begin writing down anything on the essay, ask yourself why you are writing this essay. In general terms, essays are for four different reasons.

  • Explain
  • Inform
  • Entertain
  • Persuade

Ensure that when you are selecting a topic, it satisfies all these four purposes.

  1. Consistency with essay types.

To even select a very appropriate topic, one needs to put in mind the kind of essay one is going to write. There are those types of essays that allow you to be free, and then they are those types of essays that only allow you to follow a certain structure. Below are the kinds of essays that you should know.

  • Informative essay: these types of essays are for giving information about certain subjects. It happens in schools.
  • Explanatory essay: these types of essays are for explaining certain events or situations.
  • Persuasive essay: in this type of essay, you need to convince your audience that your opinion is more valid than others.
  • Compare and contrast: in this type of essay, one must make the differences and similarities between to subjects of discussion.
  1. Brainstorming.

It is just about looking for ideas on certain topics, and you also need to understand the questions you ask yourself and the keywords. One way in which one can brainstorm effectively is by generating mind maps. It is just a visual manifestation of your ideas and thoughts. Mind maps provide you with the assistance to create connections and focus on your mind’s ideas. There is only one rule here which is to jot down anything that comes to mind.

  1. Choose topics of your interest.

As soon as you have come up with ideas, look at your paper. Select a few interesting ones, then write a few notes on them. For you to engage with your audience, you need to have some enthusiasm. If you find out that the topic is boring, then research will be boring to your audience. 

  1. Analyze the potential topics.

Before you select a topic, ensure that your sources are reliable and have them(sources). It is hard to write about a shallow or narrow topic, and there is no information around it. Go through every topic and “don’t leave no stone unturned.” After going through the topics, find a topic that you can write sufficient information about it. If your topic is very big, break it down such that you find the information you need.

  1. Change topic if you must.

The topic that you think you can do is not working out, so the only option is to select another topic that if time allows and if you must. Do not be afraid of changing a topic, and it is perfectly ok. There are moments where you will start to write a few paragraphs, and then you dry up in the 2nd paragraph. It is fine. But do not get too obsessed with finding the right topic for your essay. You should work on your essay. 

Ensure that your essay is on point. It is better to have a good essay with a ‘bad’ topic than having a good topic with a ‘bad’ essay.


If selecting a topic gives you a hard time, do not best yourself. You can always try later after refreshing.

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