Can Turnitin Detect Essays Bought Online?

There is an argument that is going around the internet, does Turnitin detect any essays that are individuals buy on the internet? Turnitin has now become an essential tool when it comes to academic writing. As someone who is a student, every thesis, reports, and essays all go through Turnitin. There are those lecturers who like their students to hand their work to Turnitin directly by themselves. And then there are those teachers who like to go through the work themselves. Whether your work goes through the lecturer first or hands, it indirectly will still go through Turnitin. 

Turnitin does not detect any essays that individuals buy from the internet. Whether original or written from scratch. But Turnitin will detect work with the element of plagiarism if you got them from public archives. Turnitin goes through similar scores. But if your work is from scratch, then Turnitin will not detect it. It will not notice whether your work is from the internet.

It is mesmerizing to find out that many universities focus their attention on plagiarism checks rather than other kinds of checks. With that in mind, students are anxious that plagiarism checkers on the internet will flag whatever work that they do. Those students are anxious that their work will have a problem when they check for plagiarism on the internet.

So the answer that we will give to the argument above will depend on where the student is acquiring the paper. We cannot deny the fact that Turnitin is a system for checking plagiarism. It only checks for plagiarism, not ideas. Turnitin has information on all of the databases that pass through it. So it just checks for work is similar to the academic papers. These databases include online articles, publications, and journals, and they can also check the internet.

It may look unrealistic, but Turnitin is so vast to that extent. For Turnitin to the flag, one of your papers depends on where you are acquiring your paper. If you buy your paper from a website that is already connected to Turnitin, it(Turnitin) will eventually detect your paper. But if you acquire your papers privately, then the chances of the Turnitin detecting your paper are minimal.

Turnitin and paraphrasing

If the student writes properly and paraphrases very well, then Turnitin will not detect any paraphrasing. The system only flags the content that is matching. It mostly follows the word for word detection while comparing it to other documents in the database. Turnitin doesn’t give verdicts that base on plagiarism but rather gives a score that universities interpret.

When Turnitin detects plagiarism, it will just highlight the text that has the element of plagiarism. And also will bring another document from which it will show you where the texts are similar. Most papers that people buy online may show that it is one hundred percent plagiarism, but some parts have the element of plagiarism.

How to cheat Turnitin?

There are few ways by which a student can get away with plagiarism. The first method is a student cites where he gets the information from. And the way is by paraphrasing the statements nicely. For one to dodge the Turnitin from detecting their work, one needs to paraphrase his work. Make sure you pass your work through Turnitin until you see that the plagiarism element is not there.

Make sure that before you submit your paper to Turnitin, ensure that your paper is one percent clean and has no plagiarism present.

Another way that one can cheat Turnitin is by getting ghostwriters. The term for this is contract cheating. Now here, these ghostwriters can write for your work from scratch and can not easily have a problem going through Turnitin.

Turnitin and checking previous work

Turnitin does check for the work of the previous years and current year. It does this because it stored all the data that passes through it. In a virtual sense, Turnitin is most universities. 

Most universities possess licenses for their Turnitin databases. But generally, the program is similar around the globe. Every document that students pass through a certain database ends up in one place. It means that Turnitin will flag documents a student submits to another university and alert your instructor.

Turnitin also keeps logs of the previous database so that when the same database comes up, it flags it. Turnitin will still flag documents that a student is acquiring online or copying from a friend’s previous.


When submitting your paper, ensure that your paper is plagiarism-free. And also protect your identity and anonymity. Now that they are bringing down copied work.

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