Writing an Effective Explanatory Essay

Students either in high school or college encounter all sorts of essays. Among these essay pieces, entail the explanatory type that describes a personal opinion, another person’s ideas, a process, or a specific event. All an individual needs entail explaining a piece of information to ensure its easier for the audience to understand. But what constitutes the building blocks for an explanatory essay?

Building Blocks for an Explanatory Essay

  • Pick a subject you comprehend well

An explanatory piece of essay sounds complicated but proves basic when it comes to writing one. It can help if you can decide to explain anything provided it meets specific parameters of the essay assignment. As such, you can elect to narrate to the audience why everyone has to communicate in at least more than one language. You can also state the reason for governments to uphold religious holidays. Another subject can entail discussing a gluten-free diet and its significance to a big proportion of people.

  • You need to take care and not veer into other essay types terrain

It can help if avoided delving into writing a process or persuasive essay in as much as they both can technically qualify as explanations. Stick to your lane and utilize an explanatory style in writing your essay, which can demonstrate to your teacher that you have conceptualized the idea fully.

In presenting your evidence to support your subject, you need to aim at making a grounded argument and not for purposes of swaying the audience. Similarly, if it’s a description, try and make it a discussion rather than a stepwise process.

  • Collect evidence to back up your essay

The silver bullet for an effective explanatory essay entails solid reasons in support of the main idea of the essay piece. In specific instances, they may comprise opinions, though, with a strong argument, your essay can prove solid as well. 

It would help if you got information from solid and reliable sources, and thereafter, track the sources and list them in your essay paper accordingly.

  • Outline the essay 

You should not get strict with yourself when it comes to the outline as you won’t submit it and instead only use it as a guide for your essay. It can help if you considered using text boxes and lists when outlining your ideas. You can also use index cards and mind-mapping.

  • Write your essay’s body 

A standard essay piece should have five paragraphs containing the introduction, three paragraphs in the body text, and finally the conclusion. However, you can have more paragraphs depending on the essay requirements. Try and stick to a specific point for each paragraph. Further, clearly explain the points in the initial sentence of the paragraph.

  • Complete writing the essay by doing the introduction and conclusion

It’s crucial to finish your essay piece by writing the conclusion first before ending with the introductory section. Try and end the essay by tying all the ideas together and summarizing the whole piece. After finishing the conclusion segment, turn to your introduction and consider the whole explanatory essay to come up with a powerful and attractive way of introducing the whole essay. 


A student should understand what an explanatory piece of essay means besides knowing how to effectively write one. Pick a subject that interests and appeals to your passion and start writing using the discussed essay writing tips for an explanatory article.

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