What is a 1000 Word Essay?

It is a paper written based on your theme, in 1000 words, spread across four sheets, A4-sized. Get to assemble your thoughts and list what you know before taking off. The body should comprise your contemplations. Conclude the issue. Research the subject on different platforms. A 1000 word essay requires the author to either portray an object, feeling place, situation, or an individual. In this article, we are going to provide you with English essay help you have always needed. We will also provide rules to get followed. As a writer, to finish the task of writing such a text, you need to have a better subject, and you must also have an arrangement of the flow of the script. You should not make haste in writing this type of English essay. Prior planning and research are inevitable when it comes to texts. The two will help a milestone as you will get equipped to take on the subject.

Tips on writing a 1000 word essay

  • Don’t get worried about word limit, instead, collect as much information as you can
  • Dig for supportive evidence for your work so that you can justify your thesis statement
  • Browse for sample English essays of the same type as they will help
  • When done with the outline of your essay, revise it one more time
  • Make body sections around the most vital points
  • Avoid the use of vague sentences and heavy words
  • Revise before making a submission

The length of a 1000 word essay

You may sit and wonder how long a 1000 word essay is. It all depends on the document type you have. They vary for blogs, books, or magazine articles. For instance, for a magazine, it would be way shorter than a blog article. Some essays get written using MS Word, while others get written in one-note. When writing articles for a blog, you use a larger font and different sizes of both spacing and font s and the incorporated images too. A typical page of Ms. Word may contain roughly 250-1000 words depending on the margins, line spacing, and font type and size. In the sections below, we have shed light on some ways to measure or calculate how long your essay may be in Microsoft Office Word.

Paragraphs in a 1000 word essay

Never disregard the structure of a 1000 word paper. It is usually not short so, make no mistake of ignoring requirements. They are like other essays and must follow the following structure:


Make your introduction as perfect as you can to grab the mind of your readers. Use roughly 100-200 words. Provide a background of the topic and get familiar with the collected data and provide a postulation that is solid.


The section of the body should have at least 600-800 words spread across three paragraphs. Each paragraph should have between 200-300 words. Introduce the topic with the topic sentence at the paragraph’s beginning, make a presentation of your arguments, and give adequate truth. Have a conclusion in each paragraph’s end.


A better conclusion is usually about 100 words, but should never go beyond 200. You are required to rephrase the thesis statement and have a recap of the most vital points raised in the body section of your essay. Afterward, add your opinion and call it a wrap.

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